"MultiPhonic did an awesome job at our wedding... I would recommend them to anyone."

MultiPhonic did an awesome job at our wedding! They provided nice background music during dinner followed by some upbeat classics that got the dance floor packed. In addition, they helped set the pace of the entire evening by emceeing the special events such as cutting of the cake, etc. They were both fun and professional - I would recommend them to anyone.  
- Whitney and Stephen B.


"The song for our first dance was not listed in their playlist, but they were happy to learn it. It was fabulous, too - Better than the recording we provided them."

"When planning our wedding reception, we came across Multiphonic's website online. They were very timely to respond to our inquiry and invited us to come hear them play live.  We were very impressed with the performance.  Even more impressive was their professionalism and willingness to work with us.  The song for our first dance was not listed in their playlist, but they were happy to learn it.  It was fabulous, too - better than the recording we provided them.  What a group of talented musicians they are!  Multiphonic definitely added a spark of energy to our reception that no DJ would have been able to create.  We had many compliments from our guests.  We highly recommend Multiphonic and are confident you will experience the same quality and have as many fond memories of your special day as we have of ours."
- Jesi and Jason J.

"In 4 years of our Friday Night concerts, you are by far the best band we've ever had!  We will definitely have you back next year."
- Leonard Jones,  Mayor of Grandview, MO

"They were complete pros --"

Hi, Mark.

We were really thrilled with the reception, and so much of that was thanks to you! How does this look?

My husband and I planned our wedding from out of town, and we'd heard great things about Multiphonic from a friend who had them at his reception. We followed his advice and were absolutely thrilled with the outcome. They were complete pros -- from answering questions and finalizing the contract to making our whole reception run smoothly (and they learned the song for our first dance and played it beautifully!). They read the audience and knew exactly what to play throughout the night. We've heard compliments over and over about how great the band was. Everyone - our parents, grandparents, and friends - loved the music and had a great time.

Also, feel free to give out my contact information. I'm happy to talk to a prospective client. We really were thrilled with the evening, and our parents (particularly my mom) have said over and over that you were our best vendor selection -- by far.

- Emily W.

"We could have saved ourselves a lot of work in the band/DJ department if someone would have simply told us to go with MultiPhonic in the beginning ...book MultiPhonic and have people talking for years to come."

There are a lot of wedding bands out there in the Kansas City area, trust us, and it can be very overwhelming to decide which one to go with when you have so many other things to worry about when wedding planning.  Here is a glimpse into some of the things that we went through and why we made the decision that we did.  We could have saved ourselves a lot of work in the band/DJ department if someone would have simply told us to go with MultiPhonic in the beginning.  We did lots of research, listened to many bands live at casinos, and even showed up at a random wedding to listen to a band, and ultimately made the best decision by choosing MultiPhonic.  I am usually skeptical when I read reviews because they can be manipulated one way or another, but I don't think that my praise of MultiPhonic will do justice to my enjoyable experience working with them prior to the wedding and the unforgettable impact that they had on our wedding as we started our lives together.

We initially debated between a DJ or a live band, and there are plenty of articles that you can Google which support each side.  It is 100% true that when its all said and done, no one is going to remember what food they ate, how the cake tasted, or what the invitations looked like.  People will absolutely remember listening to a live band, dancing to a live band, and being blown away at the live experience of it all.  People want to be entertained...give the people what they want!  That sounds great and all, and made sense to us, however, as you'll come to find out, a band is more expensive than a DJ, and we made a list of the things that were the most important to us.  We both had the entertainment at the top of our list and made that our top priority. 

How many weddings have you been to where the DJ is cheesy or talks too much, plays the exact same sets of songs as a bunch of other weddings that you have already been to that year, and people aren't truly entertained?  We decided that people are giving us a whole day of their time, plus giving us a gift, and we wanted to treat them to some fun entertainment that is unique experience.  It's been almost a year and half since we got married, and whenever our wedding comes up around friends and family, the one things that they consistently mention is how fun our band was and how much fun that they had dancing.  Once we were set on having a live band, we contacted some of the ones that were our favorites.  Other wedding bands are more flashy, and we didn't like that because honestly, who's special day is it, the bands or the brides?  We really liked MultiPhonic, and were comparing other bands that were cheaper in price, however, if you choose solely on the lowest price, you will be severely disappointed because there are many areas of a wedding where you can save money, but this is not the place to do it.  Also, there are bands that are more expensive out there, but we felt like that they were more in it for the money, and as a result, were actually more difficult to deal with because they told us what they always do, that we were lucky to be able to deal with them, and we didn't have any room to offer our suggestions.  You will not find greater customer service from a wedding band out there. 

We loved the sound of MultiPhonic, the vast array of songs, but time and time again were sold on the people.  They were incredibly easy to work with, super nice, and instantly put us at ease with their fun easy going personalities.  We had several requests and suggestions for them during the wedding planning, and they were very receptive and truly cared about us and making our wedding day special.  Make wedding planning easy on yourselves, you have been told, book MultiPhonic and have people talking for years to come.  Absolutely worth every penny.  Thanks MultiPhonic for an awesome wedding!!!
- Mark and Whitney M.

References available upon request