Amber Mainard - Vocals

Mark Hamblin - Trumpet, Vocals

Bachelor of Music Education (SEMO), Master of School Administration (UCM)

Our trumpet player Mark is the leader of the band and also a master multi-tasker: you’re likely to see him playing the trumpet, keyboard and even singing, all in one song. His mission is to live life to the fullest and enable others to do the same. This shows in his high-energy performing, his dedicated leadership, and his day job as an elementary school music teacher. He brings his passion for music to the classroom, teaching young kids to perform, experience and learn music through singing, dancing, playing instruments and composing. It’s that same passion that comes to life on the stage with MultiPhonic. 

James Isaac - Saxophone

Master of Music Jazz & Contemporary Media Performance (Eastman), Bachelor of Music Jazz & Studio (UMKC)

James would probably never admit this, but he’s kind of a virtuoso. (And by “kind of,” we mean “definitely.”) He’s a highly sought-after jazz artist, bringing his wealth of experience and talent to our band, as well as Aftergroove, The People’s Liberation Big Band, and others. He earned his Master’s Degree from the prestigious Eastman School of Music, and he passes on his knowledge to students at the University of Central Missouri and Johnson County Community College. After seeing James perform once, you’re likely to see that he’s definitely a virtuoso.

David Blayney - Bass, Vocals

Bachelor of Music Education (UCM)

Bass players are known to be “chill” people, but it’s rare that they would also give renditions of “My Girl” that are as sweet as David’s. He adds his fine touch to the accompaniment of any song, and you can hear him shine even more when he plays or sings solo. Prior to becoming a small business owner, David was an orchestra director in Raytown, Independence and St. Joseph school districts. He also plays for church groups whenever an opportunity arises. He is, by far, the tallest member of the band, as you will quickly notice when you see us onstage. 

Josh Williams - Drums, Vocals, Sound Engineer

Bachelor of Music Technology (UCM)

Josh is not only one of the best drummers around – he’s also one of the best sound engineers in Kansas City. Formerly, Josh spent over a decade working as a professional audio engineer and instructor at BRC Audio Productions. He has engineered and produced many world-class recording projects and was instrumental in building a premier recording engineer training program, The Institute of Audio Engineering Arts.  Josh is currently Art Director/Manager of the Sound Studio at Hallmark Cards, Inc., which means he plays and produces almost all the music you hear in Christmas ornaments, cards and other products. He brings his multitude of talents to the stage – and even more luckily for us, he can figure out all things relating to sound equipment.

Jacob Temeyer - Guitar

Certificate of Audio Engineering (Baker University)

Aside from being an incredibly talented guitar player, Jake is one of those guys who can make you crack up at any given moment. He has the fun energy of a kid and the guitar chops of a veteran pro musician. He earns his living teaching private lessons on piano and guitar, writing jingles for commercials, and freelances as a Sound Designer at Hallmark Cards. He’s also the lead guitarist for the popular indie band Yes You Are. Interestingly, those just happen to be the first three words of this true statement: Yes, you are likely to have a great time when Jake’s up onstage.